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Proposed Development

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The Layout

The layout features 130 dwellings, in a range of sizes and styles to meet local housing needs. A schedule of accommodation highlighting further details of the proposed house types can be found below.

Vehicular access into the site was agreed as part of the outline planning permission, and will be via a single access point from Sweyn Lane. From this access point, the south east of the site can be accessed via a tree lined street running along side an area of open space. This green space then wraps around the southern development parcel, creating a substantial area of amenity space with the addition of a small pond. 

The north west of the site will be dominated by outward facing perimeter blocks bordered by attractive grass verges where possible to create an attractive streetscape. 

A further green corridor will be established around the northern boundary of the site with properties fronting out onto this space, promoting the principles of ‘secured by design’ by encouraging natural surveillance of streets and open spaces. 

A larger balancing pond will be located at the south west corner of the site as well as a number of trees used to create a natural boundary between the site and the Sweyn Lane roundabout.

A generous amount of pedestrian and cycle paths will be provided to connect the site to existing areas and future phases of the development.

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Housing Design and Mix

Proposed Development: Text

Proposed Housing and Parking

The layout features a mix of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes, proposed to be a mixture of terraced, semi-detached and detached properties.

It is proposed that 7 properties are to be of affordable tenure in accordance with the outline planning permission. The affordable homes are proposed to be located in the northern development parcel and front out onto the area of green space which borders the site.

All properties onsite meet the M4(2) Space Standards requirement, ensuring that the properties are easily accessible to a range of potential occupants including older people and people with mobility issues.

The proposals consist of a variety of parking solutions including frontage, side, rear parking and garages as well as a number of dedicated visitor parking bays.


Scale and Massing

The density and massing of the built form varies across the site. The northern boundary of the site features a higher density of terraced properties, whereas the south west features larger detached properties which over look the balancing pond.

The scale of the development has been designed to sit comfortably within the local setting, which is largely dominated by 2 storey dwellings. A varied building scale is used to create distinctiveness on site and allows the scale of buildings to define key routes through the development.

Character and Appearance

A range of building materials are proposed to be used onsite to reflect the local character of Gainsborough. Both traditional and village elevation styles are proposed, using varying elevational treatments to create key character areas within the site.

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