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Sustainable Development Considerations

The National Planning Policy Framework states that the purpose of the planning system is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development, and that sustainable development should encompass economic, social and environmental objectives. The proposed development will deliver the following benefits in accordance with these objectives.

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  • 132 Direct FTE construction jobs supported per year of construction​

  • 168 Indirect and Induced FTE jobs supported per year of construction​

  • £1,710,500 first occupation expenditure spending (the ‘one off’ expenditure on furnishing and decorating a property to make a house ‘feel like home’)​

  • £9 million total gross household expenditure per annum, a significant proportion of which is likely to be spent within the local area​

  • £430,000 in Council Tax receipts to West Lindsey District Council per annum​

  • £1722,735 in New Homes Bonus Payments to West Lindsey District Council (over 4 years)


  • ​​The proposal will provide a range of house sizes and styles to meet the needs of present and future generations, including the provision of affordable homes for those unable to access housing on the open market.​

  •  The provision of x of public open space will increase the amount of publicly available amenity and green space in the area, including the creation of a local play area.

  • The site benefits from good accessibility to a range of key facilities and services, all within walking and cycling distance of the site, including a district shopping centre, 2 supermarkets, a nursery, 2 primary schools, a dental surgery, 2 medical facilities, and a fitness centre.



  • As the site is in a sustainable location and local services can be accessed via a variety of sustainable transport modes, this will reduce reliance on the car and will encourage residents to shop locally in accordance with Policy LP13.

  • Ecological enhancements will also be delivered as part of the proposals. These will include the planting of species-rich grassland and native tree species.

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